As an artist, I always strive to give a soul to my pieces as well as working on the aesthetic. Every piece tells a story, embodying a modern heirloom, that will travel with you on your own journeys.


I wanted to create a brand that is firmly rooted in Art, Literature and Travel –  that tells a story of whirlwind adventures, bruised feelings, passionate mistakes, defined landscapes and architecture.


I seek to capture a collection of moments, brief glimpses into our most solitary journeys. I aim to evoke strong experiences that move people and love the end effect of making them smile, stimulating their minds through curiosity with my creations.


The continually changing relationships and our emotional responses is my constant source of inspiration and my designs are contemporary interpretation of these surroundings.


I turn my fascination with the cycle of life and our emotional encounters of relationships in any form into jewels that are miniature works of art to wear.


Unconventional in size and structure, each piece is an expression of sculptural form and designed to create a statement.